Istanbul Guzelce Villas
Product Name: Istanbul Guzelce Villas Usage Area : 205 m2 Number of Rooms: 3+1
Deep Blue houses, which we have undertaken in Güzelçek district of Istanbul Büyükçekmece, have taken their place among the most prestigious Light Steel projects of recent years. Our 30 prefabricated swimming pools with gardens and garden are equipped with smart home modules, the large hall and kitchen on the downstairs, and the verandas in them allow a large garden use, and the floor heating system and fireplace systems designed with French balconies and 3-room bathrooms upstairs. It has brought aesthetics and comfort. Especially in the distribution of earthquake loads in light steel structures, Istanbul has caused a special interest in these buildings as it allows the construction of buildings resistant to 9 violence. Together with 30 buildings, social facilities and environment, our residents have been sitting in our buildings, which lasted approximately 3 months, since 2013, and their residents have been sitting peacefully and confidently.

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