Elazig Village Houses Project continues at full speed!

In Elazig, Turkey, a total of 500 earthquake resistant light steel village houses construction project continues at full speed in cooperation with TOKI !

bülent ecevit university cafeteria project is ongoing

Our 580 m2 cafeteria project, which we have undertaken at Bülent Ecevit University, continues at full speed.

Our 200 m2 nursery project in the Middle East Technical University continues at full speed.

We are coming to an end in our 200 m2 nursery project at the Middle East Technical University.



The additional service building for the Ministry of Defense is finished

The additional service building for the Ministry of Defense is finished

Ministry of Foreign Affairs additional service building project completed

Ministry of foreign affairs additional service building project completed

The dairy farm project is finished

The project that we designed as an animal farm is over

We are at your new location

Our company, which has been producing prefabricated, steel villa, steel house and steel structure for more than 12 years, continues to serve with new technical office and production facility.

Prefabricated Hobby Houses

Today, being away from the complex of the city creates a privilege to be nested with nature. We look forward to alternatives to prefabricated houses, steel villas, containers and steel structures in different m2s.

Vodafone Smart Village

The installation of the 784 m2 administration building light steel structure system we have undertaken in Aydın fınıshed.

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