Tiny House Construction and Prices

Tiny house construction and prices are one of the most curious topics in recent years. Tiny house is one of the applications of minimalism philosophy in architecture and living spaces. The idea of this small house with an area of up to 30 square meters is an ideal solution for those who adopt a simple lifestyle in harmony with nature.

What is tiny house?

Tiny house is one of the architectural equivalents of the philosophy of minimalism. Tiny houses are distinguished by their environmental friendliness and low cost, and they are known as houses with areas ranging from 10 square meters to 30 square meters.

Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are generally encountered in works where practical installation and thermal insulation are at the forefront. These structures, which can be delivered ready to use by completing the installation processes in a much shorter time than normal homes and workplaces, are one of the methods frequently used in applications where space-saving is required.

Steel Construction Houses

Steel construction houses are the most preferred systems in today's technology in individual housing and collective construction. You can design living spaces that are resistant to earthquakes and other external conditions thanks to light steel structures that offer additional advantages compared to other steel designs in the regulation of static load distribution of buildings.

Prefabricated House and Steel House Difference

When the difference between prefabricated house and steel house is revealed, people become able to choose the house types that are more suitable for their wishes. Today, two types of houses are increasingly used, especially in regions with high earthquake risk, and their frequency of use is increasing. However, according to various factors and the wishes of individuals, one type of structure may become more logical than the other.

Home For Hobby Garden

By purchasing a house for the hobby garden, you can reach the house you want with very advantageous prices. Hobby gardens whose usage is becoming widespread; It not only saves people from the stress of city life, but also reflects all the splendor of the natural environment. Through ÖZOKSTEEL, you can place prefabricated houses of any model in your hobby garden.

Steel House Prices

Would you like to get detailed information about steel house prices, project duration and advantages of steel structures? The demand of steel houses is closely related to its price. The prices of the structures may vary depending on various factors. Steel house prices depend on the internal and external structure of the house, production and assembly costs. As Özok Steel company, we offer our customers very reasonable prices in prefabricated and steel structures.

Reinforced Concrete or Steel House?

Reinforced concrete or steel house? This question attracts the attention of everyone who wants to become a home owner every day. If the question of reinforced concrete or steel house is answered, both building types have their own advantages. In line with different goals and requests, people can choose what they want from these two types of structures.

Steel Houses are Nature Friendly

It has been reported by the American Iron and Steel Association that steel is a recyclable material of 90% and above and is certified by the international environmental management systems.

Light Steel House Technical Specifications

They are homogeneous, isotropic, durable and the least human initiative building systems. It enables error-free and damage-free production, while working in all weather conditions 365 days a year. The main item of the system is galvanized steel and it is produced in our factory as a riveted system under the control of the engineer and architect team in the roll form machine.

Steel Houses are Earthquake Resistant

Steel houses do not provide a carrier like a column system in concrete reinforced buildings. Since the steel houses are installed by calculating the load of each panel, all of the structures appear as carrier systems. In addition, steel structures are resistant to earthquakes of 8.9 magnitude at the time of the earthquake.

Light Steel Houses are Homogeneous

The steel used while steel construction houses and other structures are being constructed has a much more homogeneous structure than concrete.

Steel house construction stages

It is a well-known fact that construction works take a long time. Time- consuming projects make you wait a long time. The houses made of steel are pre-produced, thus shortening the construction ğhase of the house as much as possible

Why Steel House

It is a well known fact that the construction industry takes a long time. Projects that span over time cause you to wait a long time. Since the houses made using steel are pre-manufactured, they shorten the construction phase of the house as much as possible.

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