Single Storey Steel Villas

Ozok Stell steel houses; It provides you a warm environment with high temperature insulated single storey steel villas and prefabricated house applications.

Two Storey Steel Villas

Ozok Steel produces two-storey steel villas and steel structures in light steel construction systems in accordance with the standards and without sacrificing quality.

Teony House

Teony Houses of Ozok Steel is a mobile home concept created with different models and styles that offer a minimalist life, based on the motto of "Less is more".




Taxi Station

Prefabricated taxi stops are widely used, especially in Turkey.

Cafe - Buffet

Prefabricated cafes and prefabricated buffets are preferred because they are low cost and can be applied in a short time.

Commercial Structures

Commercial steel structures; It is widely preferred for factories and production facilities with its construction, insulation and durability in a short time.

Prefabricated Construction Site Buildings

Due to the portable prefabricated building construction are widely used in Turkey and in the world.


We know that we are responsible for nature and we produce healthy buildings using renewable energy sources in the development of production systems.

Our Quality Policy

We manufacture in world class and quality. By following the technology, we are constantly improving and renewing ourselves.

Happy Customer

For happy customers; we analyze demand, needs and demands accurately and always work on customer satisfaction.


Ozok Steel steel house, steel villa generally prefer high quality materials with high heat and sound insulation in all steel structures.
Do not forget that we are able to produce with rich architectural varieties in different m2s!
You can contact us for your questions and requests.

Suitable for Land and Climate Conditions

All of our prefabricated and steel structures are applied in all kinds of climatic conditions and in accordance with the landscaping architecture. In prefabricated houses where heat insulation is done, you save energy in all seasons.

Earthquake Resistant Structure

Steel villa, steel house, prefabricated house and all steel structures are safe and protected against floods and natural disasters thanks to their flexibility ability.

Healthy Structures

Prefabricated, steel house, prefabricated house, prefabricated villa and all steel structures are long lasting and suitable for human health, nature friendly.

Quick and Easy Installation

Thanks to fast and easy installation, it can be designed and applied in a very short time. We offer aesthetic and comfortable living space with steel strength and durability.

Reasonable Price

It is possible to design and implement prefabricated, steel houses and steel structures in the desired m2 suitable for every budget. It is healthier, safer and more economical than reinforced concrete structures.

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